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Flavors of Puglia

March 19, 2010

Flavors of Puglia,  a fantastic opportunity to visit the unspoiled Puglia region with its amazing flavors, tasting its delicious food and wines…in other words experiencing the quality of the regional cuisine!

Great food&wine, astonishing landscapes, deep culture&traditions, charming accommodations…always feeling the warmth of locals!!!

Born as “cuisine of poverty”, the cuisine of Puglia is as tasty as anywhere in Italy and celebrated as one of the best examples of the healthy Mediterranean Diet (three things are essential to the Apulian kitchen: wheat, vegetables, and olive oil). In this culture of sparsity, nothing is wasted: stale bread is crumbled and toasted in oil to make a garnish for vegetable dishes, vegetables themselves are dried at the height of their season, etc.

The food of Puglia is in essence a home-based cuisine, not marked by the influence of great chefs or restaurants, based on women cooking at home rather than male chefs in professional kitchens: thus a recipe becomes a manner of speaking rather than a rule.

All tastings included in the tour will start with an introduction to the production cycle hold by the owner or his delegate.

OTHER TOUR DATES: May 29 – Jun 19 – Sep 25 – Nov 06

Group size: The trip is based of minimum 8 travelers.