Truffle Hunting Weekend


Puglia white truffles and black truffles from Corigliano d’Otranto (Lecce, Apulia) are among the best ones in Italy and available for almost every day of the year (from january until august).

The hunter arranges this exciting truffle hunt, with his loyal dogs, customized for truffle lovers from abroad. Choose our Truffle Tour and we will give you memories to last a lifetime…

The expert hunter will give you a taste of Italy and take you step by step on the entire truffle-hunting journey, from digging up and processing to use it in recipes. Concluding this experience with brake bread at his table for a delicious meal prepared with the precious truffle.


Apr 16, 30 – May 14, 28 – Jun 11, 25

Please note that other tour dates could be available upon demand, for private groups of minimum 8 people.

(click here to see the video)

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One Response to “Truffle Hunting Weekend”

  1. Elizabeth Condelli Says:

    The more I learn about Puglia the more I love this region of Italy. Who knew that you could get truffles in Puglia!
    Maybe I should try the Tagliatelle for dinner tonight!

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